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Happy V Day! Two New Nerd Trailers!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Nerdkind has been given the gift to two trailers for Season 2 of Daredevil and the highly anticipated Ghostbusters reboot. In true Valentine’s Day fashion, these are not full trailers but just teasers (You didn’t think they would given up the goods today too, did you?). However, what they have provided is enough information to get us excited about their premieres.

In the Daredevil teaser, we officially given hints of the arrival of the Punisher. Thankfully, we will be getting more details tomorrow when a longer trailer is released. And we have to given extra credit for The Killing Joke reference. Season 2 is set to premiere on March 18th at 12:01am on Netflix.


For the Ghostbusters teaser, we are given very little information. Other than the usual image of people running in terror due to some paranormal entity haunting the city, we see the unforgettable tagline, “Who you gonna call?” flashing across the screen. As the police and  military gather to face an unknown enemy, the Ghostbusters logo appears. The full trailer will be release on March 3 so we won’t have to wait much longer. Hopefully, we will get our first glimpse of this all-female reboot in action. The movie is set to be released in theaters on July 15. On a side note, in Ghostbusters II, a psychic predicted that the end of the world would occur on February 14, 2016. We see what you did there…

We will update with the newest trailers as soon as we can. In the meantime, enjoy these and other new trailers on our “Trailers” page: Latest Trailers.

Our Take on Ubisoft’s “The Division”

The Division Beta at a Glance: Ubisoft’s Answer to Destiny

Ubisoft’s The Division is a fascinating marriage between two popular — though usually separate — genres. Imagine if you will that Destiny and Rainbow Six had a baby…. Well they did in a 3rd person shooter and they named it “The Division”.



From what we know in the beta, most of the city of Manhattan is placed under quarantine after smallpox outbreak. Your character is part of the Strategic Homeland Division (SHD) and the mission is to restore order from chaos and track down the source of the virus. (maybe add more if there is more posted on the Ubisoft website).


Game Play

As you make your way through the game and complete main missions, side missions, and have random encounters with thugs and find missing data to piece the puzzle together you earn experience points and currency. Currency can be used to purchase mods, gear and weapons while your experience points are used to learn new skills along the way. The game employs a day/night cycle which alters how some enemies behave. There is also an amazing time based weather system with snow storms that can either help you sneak around or have you run blindly into a group of enemies. The AI isn’t too bad either. Unlike most (shooter?) games where enemies just run straight to you, the enemies look to get to higher vantage points to shoot you behind cover as well as pair off to flank and pin you in one place.



 You have the ability to customize your character from head to toe by interchanging hats, jackets, pants and shoes (for some reason you can wear skinny jeans, I guess not even a viral outbreak can kill some bad trends). There are loot tables and DPS calculations to take into account when equipping your character with armor and weapons. It’s a system of give and take as you decide if you want firepower, health or skill power.


Dark Zone: PVP multiplayer mode

The games PVP multiplayer where you most go to collect the games high end weapons and gear. The Dark Zone has its own currency and progression system as you locate and pick up valuable items. However, these items, known as “contaminated loot”, can be taken by other players in the zone, and will not be permanently attached to the player’s character unless they are extracted from the zone through a helicopter. Players can be accompanied by several co-operative partners and other neutral, player-controlled agents. These people, however, can turn against the player at any moment, going rogue. Players’ level and ranking may drop if they die too often in the zone.


What Needs Some Tweaking

 At a glance, the Dark Zone concept is an intriguing one, but The Division beta doesn’t do a great job of selling it. There are tense moments of trying to extract loot – the only way to actually unlock the items that drop in the Dark Zone – before a Rogue tries to kill you and steal it, but that’s really all the mode had to offer during the beta. Either players try to run around and steal, or they try to police the Dark Zone by killing Rogues and protecting teammates. As far as the Dark Zone is concerned, Ubisoft needs to give players equal incentives to be good guys if they so choose. Or simply give teams more to do in the area that combines the PvE and the PvP elements.


The Verdict

I am looking forward to the finished product with all areas of the map open and ready to explore. The map of Manhattan doesn’t feel condensed and smashed together. For an open world MMO, it feels expansive and I can not wait to dive into the game with a 4 man squad.


The Division multiplayer will be available March 8th 2016 on PC and Steam as well as Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles.


Drop some gamer tags and the platform in the comments and take back Manhattan with your fellow Blerds.

Latest Trailers


As you can see, most of us will be broke for the next 3 years. Comic movies have seen an unfathomable rise in popularity over the last 8 years. To help you get prepared for the continued rise of the nerd, check out the latest movie trailers and commercials below:

Batman v Superman – March 25th


Captain America: Civil War – May 6th

X-Men: Apocalyse – May 27th

Movies We Are Excited For

Deadpool! Deadpool!  Deadpool!  Could there ever be a more ideal role for the perfectly sarcastic Ryan Reynolds?! We think not and here are 5 reasons why Black Nerd Squad is excited for Deadpool.

1) We are all still suffering from a The Force Awakens hangover and the time between now and Episode VIII is just way to long. Captain America Civil War doesn’t start for another 5 months, In the meantime, the sarcasm and wit of anti-hero Wade Wilson is the perfect appetizer for the summer of blockbusters to follow.

2)The concept of Deadpool: Its the perfect mix of comedy, action, and The Feels. How could you not be  cheering for a guy who’s looking to make the most of the his life during what could be his last days because of a terminal illness? Taking on bad guys, trying to save the love of his life all while keeping the sarcasm and jokes constantly coming.

3) Easter Eggs. With X-Men Apocalypse slated to come out later this year, we’re looking forward to all the clues and foreshadowing Deadpool could possibly provide in to the new movie. Could there even be cameo from our favorite Merc-With-a-Mouth!?

4 ) Speaking of X-Men, let’s talk about Wade Wilson and how he came to be. Having been diagnosed with a terminal illness Wade was contacted by Department K and underwent experiment involving a healing serum derived from the X-Men’s very own Wolverine which gives him the amazing ability to regenerate quickly; making him virtually indestructible. Deadpool meets up with Wolverine later as a part time member of X-Force which is also lead by Wolverine.

5) The 4th Wall. With some many comic franchises to date, having an anti-hero who’s aware of the audience can only lead to the most amazing movie experience ever. The person-to-person dialog that he’s known for having takes on a new dimension in movie form, allowing for more sarcasm and more spot on perfectly timed jokes.

Deadpool is rated “R” and opens in theaters on Friday, February 12th. In case you haven’t see them, below are a few trailers of the upcoming movie. Be warned: the second one is a Red Band trailer – meaning it’s not safe for work or kids!



Their Pages, Our History: Hip-Hop and Comics

As we begin our celebrations of Black History Month, I want to take a moment to appreciate a different aspect of our history: Hip-Hop. Often dismissed by critics as noisy, senseless rambling of an uneducated minority, Hip-Hop represents the hopes and dreams of our culture. Born in the streets of New York in the 1970s, Hip-Hop was the means of expression for a voiceless generation.

Hip-Hop resonates with the rich history of our communities: created for us, by us, about us.  40+ years later, Hip-Hop continues to seep into mainstream media and culture. So much so that last year, Marvel released several Hip-Hop variant covers. And because we are truly here to support our fellow Black nerds everywhere, I feel it necessary to highlight how nerdism and Hip-Hop collide. Each week in February (and possibly beyond),  I want to highlight some of the best Hip-Hop variant comic book covers for Marvel.

SPIDER-GWEN #1 – HIP-HOP Variant by Humberto Ramos


MUTEES THE X-MEN HIP-HOP Variant Cover by Andrew Huerta


ALL-NEW HAWKEYE #1 HIP-HOP Variant Cover by Sanford Greene


EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #1 – HIP-HOP Variant Cover by Sanford Greene


NEW AVENGERS #1 – HIP-HOP Variant Cover by Ed Piskor

Not only are these covers visually appealing, but they pay tribute to our music. These covers are amazing. We may not always be recognized by others, but our history lives on everywhere. You can’t deny the influence our culture has had on the rest of the world.

In the coming weeks, I will highlight more Marvel variant covers and explore some Hip-Hop influenced comic books that have been published over the years.