The Ballad of Hodor



Okay, so there has been a few devastating moments in Game of Thrones; Bran being pushed out of a tower window, Ned’s death, The Red Wedding just to name a few, but I absolutely was not prepared for “The Door”.  Let me start at the beginning.

From the first time we gathered at Winterfell we all fell in love with Hodor. He was a large loveable oaf who could say nothing more than Hodor. It was never explained how or why that came to be, it was just naturally assumed he had perhaps a mental impairment and that all he could remember was that his name was Hodor. When Winterfell came under attack he was a huge part in saving the lives of Bran and Rickon Stark. As the tracked through the wilderness towards the 3 Eyed Raven, it was discovered that Bran could warg into Hodor and control him like a human golem, this too became a key point in their survival. After each warge though, Hodor would be exceptionally agitated; but who could blame him, would you like it if someone else slipped inside of you and started controlling you? Again, however, our simplistic thinking was off. On Sunday night’s episode, we received answers to questions that have been burning at viewers. How did the Whitewalkers  cames to be? In short the were created by the Tree People to protect the forest against the abuse of man. Somewhere along the lines things went south, way south and the white walker became exceptional violent and murderous. At the same time, we discovered how Hodor sadly became Hodor.

In a previous training session with the 3 Eyed Raven, Bran went back in time to a period when his father Ned was a child, and we learned that Hodor was once a young boy named Wyllis and he was a farm hand at Winterfell. On Sunday, Bran saw the creation of the Whitewalkers and fixated on knowing more about them, as to why they changed from their original intentions. Going against the advice of the 3 Eyed Raven he slipped back into a warg and encountered  the Night’s King aka leader of the white walkers, who reaches out and touches Bran’s arm. A terrified Bran returns to the present where he is told by the 3 Eyed Raven that he’s been marked, and as a result, the Night’s King can now enter the protect weirwood tree putting all of their lives in danger. As Meera and Hodor packed up their belongings, the 3 Eyed Raven tells Bran it’s now time for Bran to take his place. It’s a task that he is aware that Bran is not ready for but has no choice but to prepare him to take over. He takes Bran back to the period in Winterfell when the older Starks were children and Hodor/Wyllis was just a boy. While in this state the Night’s King and his army advance on the compound and waste no time destroying everything to get at the group. As the chaos begins inside the compound the 3 Eyed Raven is steadily trying to pass along the rest of his knowledge to Bran. A panic-stricken Meera is doing everything she can to wake up Bran, begging him to wake up and to use Hodor to save them.  While still in the trance  Bran hears Meera’s pleas to wake up and is told by the 3 Eyed Raven “Listen to your friends” Is it at this moment that Bran comes to realize the danger he and his friends are in and while still in the trance of the past Bran makes eye contact with a young Wyllis; and reacts as though he’s just seeing this other boy for the first time, slips into Wyllis(Hodor). In the present Hodor quickly gathers Bran’s body and places it on the wagon to pull him through the tunnel and out to the other side to safety.  At the very last minute the make it to the tunnel and close the door, where Wyllis throws his body against the door to keep the impending white walkers out, as they scratch and claw at his body Meera is screaming “Hold the door!”. In the past a young Wyllis flails on the ground having a seizure repeating the phrase “Hold the door.” over and over again until it is completely inaudible and sounds like “hodor”. The episode ends with a young Wyllis convulsing on the ground mumbling “hodor” and an adult Wyllis being clawed at by white walkers with the voice of Meera still screaming “Hold the door!” in the background.

As the credits roll, it is unsure as to rather or not adult Wyllis has survived this ordeal. It will be exceptionally devastating to Meera and Bran as Summer the dire wolf was also killed in the attack. The episode also opened so many more questions as it gave us answers. Seeing the events as it just it occurred, it makes us wonder just how powerful Bran’s ability are. It makes us question, for Wyllis was his seizure just a seizure back then or is this a glimpse of some weird unfathomable time loop where Bran is able to go back and affect past events for a possible better future outcome? All that I know is that after that episode I was drained, I was gutted, I was overly emotional, and all I wanted to do is have a long stiff drink, curl up in my bathtub and have a good long cry for Wyllis. I’ve not been this upset since reading the books and actually read the writing of the Red Wedding. They say the sign of a good author is that they legitimately make you ever feel every emotion that they are attempting to convey, and at the end of a good drama you have  a deep love/hate relationship with them. If that is the case George R.R. Martin has landed at the top of my list. Writing this has made me emotional all over again, so in memory of Wyllis I’m going to pour up a drink a Jameson and toast to him. #HisNameIsWyllis #HeHeldTheDoor #RememberWyllis


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