Self Discovery Through Anime, Part 1


First, I’d like to start off by saying thank you to all of you of who participated in our #31DaysofAniMay event we did throughout the entire month of May. I personally had a blast and I hope yall did too! During this time, I learned a bit about myself in the process as well. If you were to ask me up front what type of anime I was really into I would most likely have said, Shoujo, action adventure, slice of life, nothing over the top to too overtly extreme as far as the genre of Anime as a whole is concerned; but then I thought to myself “Why”? This simple question had me wondering what it was about these particular types of anime that I’m so drawn to, so I used, this time, to watch more and delve into my own psyche and see what I would learn about me. I started my journey off with Black Prince and Wolf Girl. The first couple of eps of this series bothered me a little, not as much as Diabolik Lovers but still, there is a heavy masochistic tone throughout the entire show. In order for the prince to go along with pretending to be her boyfriend, the female lead agrees to essential be treated like a dog. She’s petted, scolded, commanded to fetch and even in not so dramatic a fashion collared. Underneath all of that is actually a good story with a teenager coming to terms with childhood abandonment issues, learning to trust and open up to people, and yes even love. A smidgen dark but with a really good message okay.

Next up Inu X Boku Secret Service.  This one is a bit harder to describe, long story short version, there are individuals believed to be reincarnations of Gods and Goddess of great power which leads to the success of their family. These individuals have their own secret service to protect them from evil of various states. Our heroine, Ririchiyo, has always been seen as different by everyone around and treated like an outcast because she’s the heir who possess the traits of the family’s non-human ancestors. When she attempts to communicate with others it comes off as arrogant, unbothered, and elitist; when in all actuality because of her isolation she’s socially awkward, shy and unsure of how to act around other people. Ririchiyo is simply an insecure teen girl who wants the normality of teen life. She decides to move into an apartment building with other incarnates such as herself and their bodyguards, including her own Soushi Miketsukami. Being in a new environment, new school, and making new friends, Ririchiyo gains confidence in herself, develops faith in friendships/relationships, and slowly begins to enjoy the normal life she’s been craving. This is one of those obvious messages for me, relax a little, things aren’t always what they appear to be, and don’t be afraid to reach out to be people.

A little later I started watching Broken Blade. Broken Blade is action packed from the opening scene battle that leaves you wondering how did you get here?! In a world where everything works off of magic, what would it be like to be the one person who couldn’t use it and an eminent war is pending? Would you run and seek shelter and safety or would you find a way to rise to the call when your friends who happen to be the king and queen of a nation calls for your help? If you’re Rygart Arrow the answer is simple, you rise to the challenge and figure out how to fight, despite your better instincts to run. Broken Blade is that classic anime of a squad that’s broken down and is now sparring with each other. Piloting machines known as golems to do battle in, Rygart becomes the pilot of an ancient golem known as Delphine that doesn’t rely on magic to pilot. With specialized armor and sheer determination is it enough to defend his home and possibly talk some sense into his best friend Zess who’s fighting on the other side?  This type of anime is all about believing in yourself, topping adversity and not giving up on the people that matter. We all need this type of encouragement in our lives.

This block of anime was all about being human, recognizing that we are fallible, we will falter and stumble but there exist ample compassion and love in the world if we are only strong enough to accept it. Check back with Black Nerd Squad for part two of my self discovery through Anime! Happy Nerding!

About Ayo Stevens

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2 thoughts on “Self Discovery Through Anime, Part 1

  1. Ah yes, a list with anime i don’t recognise (except for diabolik lovers, which i will never watch). I think that during teen years anime -or any hobby – shapes your personality first, but watching anime as an adult wouldnt make it much different right? Because you described black prince and wolf INCLUDING the parts you didnt enjoy, but didnt you just relate them to yourself?


  2. I disagree. I’m a believer that we are never too old to stop growing, learning, changing if we so desire. With a topic such as personal growth and understanding one’s own emotions; I honestly believe that those can always be shaped and form. It’s the reason people go to therapy after all. They are seeking to understand as to why they feel a certain way, or why certain events have influenced them in a mannerism they find either desirable or not. So although there were some traits of Black Prince and Wolf Girl I did not like, I was still able to see the value in the underlying message and still apply it to my own life and yes even relate to it to some extent.


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