BNS TOP 5: Horror Animes

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It’s no secret that we at Black Nerd Squad love both horror and animes and the combination of the two are simple all the “yas” emojis ever. So just in time for Halloween here’s a Black Nerd Squad Top  Horror Anime list.

1) Elfen Lied: Elfen Lied stands out as one of the first horror animes I ever watched and I remember feeling shocked, disturbed and bit sad at the end of it. When a pair of cousin Yuka and Kouta find a girl, Lucy, injured, suffering from memory loss and difficulty speaking; they had no idea that she had recently escaped from a government medical facility, leaving a trail of bodies in her wake. As Yuka and Kouta try their best to take care of Lucy and help her understand who she is, they have no idea the potential danger they are in both from Lucy and the government trying to reclaim her.


2) Tokyo Ghoul: Easily one of the best new animes in the past 5 years, Tokyo Ghoul centers around modern day Japan where the human race is infiltrated by creatures who’s hunger can only be satiated by human flesh and blood, to further complicate matters, these ghouls look like average humans. When a human teenager, Ken Kaneki, starts exhibiting strange behaviors following an accident and extensive stay in hospital; could it be possible that he is a ghoul? Straddling the line of human and ghoul Ken struggles to maintain his previous life and understand the ghouls, who they are, and the people who hunt them and why.


3) Parasyte: Parasyte channels classic invasion of the body snatchers type horror and it takes you on the full gallant of #TheFeels.  In order to survive the alien presence has to take over a human body, the ultimate goal is to reach the brain once inside the human body, but sometimes they lose their way and settle on taking over whatever body part they descended upon. For student Shinichi Izumi, his alien invader got stuck in his hand. Thought of as weak by other invaders, Izumi is in a constant battle for his life, luckily the hand, Migi, is skilled in the art of protecting his cohabitant. Can the two of them successfully work together in order to quell the threat that affects not humans and the planet but other Parasytes that coexist with humans?


4) Deadman Wonderland:  Deadman Wonderland  is dysotopian Japan in the most twisted ways imaginable. Deadman Wonderland is actually a prison/amusement park where people can watch inhumane contests between the prisoners which often end in death. When  average school kid Ganta Iragashi finds himself a prisoner of this nightmare he struggles to not only endure the harshness of the environment but to also prove his innocents for the crimes in which he’s imprisoned for. Being aided by the mysterious Shiro who seems very familiar with Ganta they eventually team up with other members of  Deadman Wonderland in an epic prison revolt. Will Ganta and Shiro survive? Will he be able to prove his innocents, and just who is Shiro?


5) Speed Grapher:  Speed Grapher is honestly one of my favorite underrated animes. Its one of those first full series that I purchased and watched all the way through, the story absolutely drew me in from the very first disturbing imagery of a young girl being suspended in what can only be described as a bdsm harness down to a withering festering pool of older men for a slobbery kiss. It has been years since I first watched that scene and it has stuck with me in an alarming fashion. The young girl, Kagura, has a virus that unleashes abilities in people related to their deepest desires when they make contact with her bodily fluids. The club where she is isolated is frequented by top names who run the business world of Tokyo; sensing a story, famed war photographer turned private investigator Tatsumi Saiga gains access to the club to get a glimpse of the seedy deeds that fuels the deals of Tokyo when he spots a ceremony featuring Kagura. All of his instincts go in to overdrive as he attempts to rescue Kagura without being found out, while further investigating the Roppongi Club and all of their dealings.

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